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Racosai, May 6, 12 2:56 AM.
Racosai and Athenum have reached max level, bringing the guild to new heights. On other news Nickiller has been busy in the PVP arena to make sure nobody messes with our awesome guild!

Bad Co's C.O. even more badass!

Athenum, Mar 12, 12 5:54 AM.
Yes, you heard it right! Nickiller, Bad Company's Commanding officer has now reached level 40! Congratulations goes out to the big boss. He now sports blue scorn armor, and a black cat with a green rocket pack. Now, our enemies have even less of a chance to survive an assault by the Bad Company.

Bad Companoins

Athenum, Mar 12, 12 5:51 AM.
You've seen Bad Company.
Now to take it to the next level!
Bad Company's new level requirement is
That's right. Bad Companions is Project 2 of Bad Company. The guild for newbies who want to join Bad Company! But upon reaching level 30, you have the choice to go to Bad Company or stay in Bad Companions.
Reaching 40, you have the choice to leave, go to Bad Company or to stay in Bad Companions.
Remember, Officers are not based on level. They are based on who deserves it most.
Some of you may be wondering why? Why are there level 1s, 2s, and 3s, (and more) in Bad Company? That is because they were in Bad Company before Bad Companions were made. They will not be kicked. They may leave if wanted. But they are not forced to stay. They have the freedom of choice.
Read the article Bad Companions in the general section for more information.

Primetime kid wins Custom meganaut arms!

Athenum, Mar 5, 12 3:22 AM.
Congratulations Primetime kid! the answer was Momma to the question of the week! We hope you enjoy your custom armor. There will be more items to be given away by Nickiller! Register on the website and join! The contest is open to all registered members of Bad Company. Stay tuned for the next question!

Raid on Voleria Beach

Athenum, Mar 5, 12 3:19 AM.
The raid today on Voleria went well. Though the Bad Company didn't take home any epic items, it was sure fun. Thanks for the fun raid guys!
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